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Information about the PDF patterns

All patterns have detailed instructions for making the quilt top. They include fabric requirements, cutting instructions, instructions on how to use the templates and drawings for pieceing the different parts. You need knowledge of the basic techniques for making different kinds of blocks, for example "flying geese", "drunkards path", "HRTs" and how to sew appliqué. The basic information about the pattern states the sewing skills needed. Templates for blocks finishing at 3" or smaller have generous seam allowances. The fabric requirements are calculated for using these templates. The fabric requirements are for making the quilt top. The fabric requirements for the backing and binding are not included, unless explicitly stated. Most patterns have a colouring sheet where you can try different colour options. Most patterns are based on solid fabric, and have quite large parts. It is possible to use scraps to make the larger units, background or other, as long as the units are trimmed to the measures given. When payment is completed you will receive an e-mail with a link to get to the page where you can download your patterns. Since there is no way to undo a download, refunding is not possible. The pattern is meant for A4 or US letter sheets of paper. Always print at scale 100%, always check that the 1inch line is correct before using the templates.

How to care for your quilt

Quilts are made to be used! and therefore need washing. Machine washing works well, adapting the program to the fabrics used in the quilt. I recommend the gentle wash or hand wash programs, without spin drying. Do not use the tumble dryer, and dry the quilt lying flat.

Please note!

You may sell quilts or other items made from patterns by birgittajadenfelt, if in a small scale. If so, please refer to birgitta jadenfelt as a designer so that other persons might find my patterns. It is not allowed to copy and print the pattern you purchased to give or distrubute to other persons than yourself. If you share photos of the quilts on social media please use the hashtag #sybiggan and refer to @sybiggan so that I and others can see what you have made

How to finish the quilt

Most quilts have a quilt top, batting and backing. These are quilted to stick together. There are numerous options to do this. The batting and the backing need to be larger than the quilt top when quilted. Calculate about 4-5 inches more on each side for a quilt, och at least 2 inches more on each side for a pillow case or a table runner. Quilts usually need thicker batting than table runners.It is your personal choice how to quilt, and no recommendations are given in the patterns. In most patterns the fabric requirements for the backing and binding is not included.